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A New Look - and SOON [14 Mar 2005|06:02pm]
Hey -

If anyone read any of my earlier entries about the Atkins diet I was on... lets just say, that ended as quickly as it started! I was too weak, had a hard time working out, and egh - that diet works for some... just not me.

BUT! I got my @ss in gear and got a membership at the Ballys near my house with my mom lol, and she wants me to be her personal trainer type thing just because I know a LOT about that stuff (Im planning on becoming a fitness instructer/nutritionist when i am done with college) That means I will be at the gym ALL the time. Plus - I have everything situated with rides, and work, and what not - so that i can get to training 2 times a week again.

I have gained eh - id say about 15 lbs since i started wrestling in september (fat weight... cuz i also stopped goign to the gym in september) and actually - its about 21 lbs more than I weighed in October 03. SO.... Im getting myself back into a routine and in 2 months I plan on being 15-20lbs lighter. Im doing it the smart way too. I have gone through somany crash diets, and fat burning pills only to give up (cuz i get hungry lol) so now I am still being prettty strict with my diet, but not unhealthy.
Im eating 1300 calories a day, Training on Mondays and Wednesdays, Working out at the gym Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and I have dance class every day, and My body conditioning classes every other day during the week (sometimes the instructor is lazy so its not always the best workout, but its better thannothing!).

My realistic goal is to lose 2 lbs a week - my HOPEFUL goal is 3 a week. Its quiet possible - I just have to watch out on the weekends with wrestling what i eat while im on the road. Im gunna start packing my own food and bringing it in a cooler. or making sure that I eat the salads and stuff at rest stop mcdonalds. lol. Weekends always kill me, but I have a lot of motivation now:
Thefact that Im at my all time highest weight
The BEAUTIFUL dress i need to fit into in 2 months!
New Gear that I plan on buying, but only if i have a body that will look good in it.
and by the way... SUMMER is coming soon LoL

Here are my current (unfortunate) stats:
Weight - 137
Waist - 29.5"
Hips- 36"
Thighs - 24"

Im goign to Measure myself on Saturdays and Weigh myself on Mondays and put them in here every monday. =)
I have an actual fitness diary on another site but I vent alot and some people might think im crazy LoL - jk...
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*RESULTS* - a little late sorry lol [14 Mar 2005|05:48pm]

March 4, 2005 - PWF-MayheM

Mercedes Martinez and I had a great match against Ariel and Demonica, with me getting the pin on Ariel. There was a lot going on in that match and It was my first match at this level. It felt so different (in a good way) being in the ring with these women and having that match. It was an experience I will never forget and Im glad I had it so I can learn from it.

Later that night I came out with Bad Boy Billy Black for his match against Tripilicious w. Sean Gorman. Gorman apparently still had heat with me because when I had my back turned away while my attention was on Bad Boy - He came behind me and gave me a hard forearm to the back, knocking me to the ground, practically knocking me out! Bad Boy had to pick me up and escort me to the back when the match was over.

I dont know whats going to happen with that but I know Gorman wont ge away with it.

My next show is Friday, March 11th in Fairfield Maine i believe - for NWH

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TOMORROW NIGHT! [03 Mar 2005|02:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]

PWF-MayheM  presents :  Defiance

Friday March 4th at the Squared Circle Acadamy.

Come see the team of Mercedes Martinez and Amber go against

the team of Demonica and Ariel!

This will be an extremely exciting show for me for a few reasons. This is my first time wrestling in PWF-MayheM since my debut in September. This will also be my first match against Ariel. I feel honored to be able to team with one of the most respected women wrestlers in New England, Mercedes Martinez.

I will also be managing "Bad Boy" Billy Black that nigth as well.

For directions, go to www.pwfnortheast.com

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Another Promotion [03 Mar 2005|02:19pm]

New Wrestling Horizons (NWH) 

On February 25th,  I went up to fairfield Maine with Jon Thornhill, Tim Pitman, and Quentin Micheals and worked my first nwh show. It was really cool meeting some new people and seeing some of the people I know from SAW there as well.  I managed Jon Thornhill that night and he defeated Scott "by God" Vegas, and is continuing on the "Road to Robbie".

I was talking to the promoter and he is interested in having me be a part of a new womens division that hes going to be starting so thats is very exciting.

My next NHW show is on Friday March 18th.

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BIG UPDATE [21 Feb 2005|03:40pm]

PWF-MayheM *GENESIS*   2/11/05

This was a great show.  I was able to watch the other girls in pwf battle it out for the womens title and it was a good match =)

I accompanied Bad Boy Billy Black to the ring and He went against Tripplicious w/ Sean Gorman. That was a pretty interesting time being out there. Trip thought at one point that he would get me to go against Bad Boy, but just when he thought he had, he recieved an unexpected low blow from yours truely!  The crowd was all about that... Sean Gorman wasnt - and he came at me with a slap in the face. NO WAY was I gunna take that, so I did a double leg sweep on him and gave him what he deserved! We went at it for a little while until he ran out of the ring!  Bad Boy Billy Black won this match =)

The ladder match for the junior heavyweight title was exciting for me to watch because Jon Thornhill was in it, and I always love watching him work. Him and Riot were great in this match and Jon took a Beach breaker practically from the top of the 15 foot later from Riot! ouch! =/  Kid Mikaze took the title though but it was a good match!


SAW ~ February 19, 2005

Tonight Jon Thornhill and I were a Mixed Tag team against Alexandra and Max Burton. Here is a write up done by Joey Larocque:

Alexzandra and Maxx Burton returned to S.A.W. last night for "School
Time Stampede." On this night, they had the S.A.W. Cruiserweight
Champion, Jon Thornhill and S.A.W. Women's Champion, Amber to contend
    At first, Maxx got on the microphone and offered Jon and
Amber to join him and Alex, saying that they could help their careers
reach new heights. Thornhill took the mic and declined the offer
saying that they were doing just fine wrestling for the fans of the
company. With that, the match was on.
    Jon would take early advantage, utilizing his speed and
cruiserweight style to throw Maxx off his game. Maxx would try to
escape to the floor, but Jon would mount the top the rope, looking
for a dive. Maxx would see it coming and scurry away. Maxx then
tagged in Alex. Jon, in turn, tagged in the Women's Champion. The
ladies locked up. Alex would pull Amber back to the corner and lay in
some vicious shoulder tackles. Amber would duck a punch attempt and
nail Alex with some hard forearms. Amber would roll up Alex for 2
count and Alex ran to tag Maxx back in. Amber would tag Jon back in
as well.
    Jon would keep control of Maxx hitting a beautiful Moonsault
press for 2. Maxx fell into a corner and Jon went for a Monkey flip,
but Maxx caught him and placed him on the top turnbuckle. Jon would
gain advantage again and go for a big dive on Burton from the top,
but Maxx cut Jon off and delivered a brutal T-Bone Suplex.
    Maxx would then slow the match down and make his shots quick
and effective. He tagged Alex in who got a snapmare/soccer kick combo
on Jon for a 1 count. Maxx tagged back in, nailing a suplex combo for
2. Jon would evade a powerslam attempt by Maxx and hit a spinning
heel kick. He then raced up to the top rope, determined to get a dive
on to Maxx, but Alex shook the top rope, causing Jon to crotch
himself on the turnbuckle. Maxx recovered and got Jon in position and
hit the powerslam, but only got 2.
    Maxx tried going the submission route by putting Thornhill in
his "Wolf Lock" hold. A combination crossface and Rings of Saturn.
Jon would not give up and Amber got the crowd going behind him. Maxx
relinquished the hold and went for his "Devil Driver." Thornhill
slipped behind Maxx and got in a Russian Leg Sweep to take Maxx down.
    Jon would dodge every punch attempt by Maxx and get one of
his own, finally nailing an enziguri kick, knocking Maxx down for a 2
count. Jon then hit a fantastic "Sliced Bread No. 2" drop on Burton
for another 2. Jon made his way up to the top again, determined more
than ever to get his frogsplash. But, once poised in position, Maxx
darted out of the ring where he thought he was safe, but didn't
realize Thornhill was still on the top rope as he turned around and
was met with a devastating Plancha from Thornhill.
    Both men were laid out on the floor, while the ref checked on
them. This opened an opportunity for the ladies to go it again. It
was Catfight time. Both ladies rolled around, jockeying for
advantage. Amber would gain advantage, but would be cut off quick by
Alex with a hard lariat. As Alex positioned Amber for her "Faded
Glory," Amber reversed it into her Seated-Hammerlock. Once applied,
Alex tapped, but there was no ref to see it as he was still on the
    Burton heard the tapping and saw Amber holding Alex down.
With a look that would scare the devil, Maxx grabbed Amber and looked
to take her out with a vertical suplex. But Jon saved Amber from
certain doom, as he helped her down. Jon and Amber both got a boot
and a DDT on Burton, which set him up perfectly for the Frogsplash.
Alex was down, hurting from the hammerlock, Burton was down in the
middle of the ring. Amber was telling Jon to go for it. With every
ounce of energy he had, Jon got to the top, jumped and landed a
picture perfect Frogsplash. The referee counted 1.....2.....no, Alex
broke the count. She quickly ducked back to her corner, leaving Jon
distraught over the 2. Maxx hit a desperation Jawbreaker on Jon which
propelled him back to his own corner, where Amber blind tagged him.
She saw Maxx was reeling and went to the 2nd turnbuckle. Maxx turned
around, Amber dived, but Maxx caught her, held her high and knocked
her out with a Michinoku Driver.
    Thornhill, who was still stunned by the jawbreaker, came to
to see Amber laid out in the middle of the ring. His concern for her
led Maxx to tag in Alex. Burton threw Jon out of the ring as Alex
honed in on Amber. With both women now legal, Alex would pick up
Amber's lifeless body and hit "Faded Glory" for the 3 count.
    Maxx Burton and Alexzandra had retained their undefeated
streak as a tag team. Jon left worried about Amber as she was helped
to the back by some officials.

 This is Jon and I at the show =)

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PWF Road To Genesis [31 Jan 2005|04:31pm]

Hey everyone - PWF-NE road to Genesis was this past Friday (1-28) in Rhode Island.
I came out with Bad Boy Billy Black and he pinned tripplicious, keeping the MayheM title, and winning the 21 dollars that trip put up.

The show was good overall and I liked the Women's match too.

Make sure to see PWF/MayheMs

GENESIS IV on Februay 11, 2005

Check out the site www.pwfnortheast.com for more detail!



(Quick Atkins Update)

Well - this weekend was my birthday and I reversed the work of the diet from the whole week unfortunately. *sigh*  but here are my "starting stats" for anyone following this. Ill keep this updated every 2 weeks

Wasit - 28 3/4"
Hips - 35" (*sigh =/ * )
Thighs - 23"

Short term goal (2 weeks)
Weight - 125 (8 lbs)
Waist - 27 1/2 (1 1/4 inches)
Hips - 34 (1 inch)
Thighs - 22.25 (3/4 inches)

I have a lot of things coming up in these next 2 weeks so Im sure Ill be able to make it to my goal in 2 weeks. I really want to get back down to 125 and eventually 115. It sounds drastic but ive looked at peoples stats with my height, and none of them look sickly or anything crazy like that. I will be fine with whatever weight really, as long as im satisfied with what it looks like. Im trying to stay healthy.


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Random Info for Friends and Fans [27 Jan 2005|12:52pm]
A-Zs of Amber & Fun Stuff
A - Age: ???
B - Band Listening To right Now: A perfect Circle
C- Crush: No need for a "crush" I have a boyfriend =D
D - Dad's Name: Arthur
E - Easiest Person To Talk To: My boyfriend Jon*
F - Favorite Band At The Moment: hmm - I love music so this is a hard one to answer.
G - Gummy Bears Or Gummy Worms: Bears
H - Hometown: The New bedford Area
I - Instruments: Guitar (acoustic)
J - Japanese Animation: Im not a big fan (or any fan ) of Anime
K - Kids: None
L - Longest Car Ride Ever: The first time we went to Vermont
M - Mom's Name: Jeanne
N - Number Of Siblings: 1
O - One Wish: Happiness (however that may come about!)
P- Phobias: Spiders, Bees, gaining crazy weight, and being miserable and alone
Q - Favorite Quote (of the moment): "Im gunna smurf you!" LoL Jon!
R - Reason To smile: Jon, Friends, and Wrestling
S - Song You Sang Last: One of my old audition pieces from 3 years ago lol (i just foudn the cd and yea im marking out to it HUGE!)
T - Time You Wake Up: weekdays - 5:30 , weekends - 10:30-noonish
U - Unknown Fact About Me: Its unknown for a reason hehehe
V - Vegetable You Hate: Beets
W - Worst Habit(s): Yo-Yo dieting (not anymore tho! Im on Atkins lol)
X - X-Rays You've Had; Teeth ones at the dentist and my knee once
Y - Yummy Food: home made cheesecake, Oriental Chicken Wraps and brownie sundaes with icecream, hot fudge and carmel from Friendlys - and almost everything at the Chinese buffet.
Z - zodiac sign: Aquarius
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SAW Show ~ Blizzard of 05 lol [26 Jan 2005|05:18pm]

January 22, 2005 - SAW- Rise Above It!


This Trip to Vermont was ... interesting LoL

I managed Jon Thornhill during the final match of the cruiserweight championship tournament against Angel. Legion Freakin Cage was scheduled to be his opponent but unfortunate weather gave his car a few troubles and he was unable to be there.  Jon Thornhill Won this match, which makes him the SAW Cruiserweight Champion!  Congrats babe!

I wrestled to defend my title later on in the night.  The match was a submission match scheduled against Alexandra Heiress, but because of an injury, she had her Sister in Law Demonica wrestle me.  In the end, I finally had my seated hammer lock on Demonica but Alexandra Heiress was ring side and got right in when she thought Demonica was about to tap out! She ripped me off Demonica and started to beat on me. Demonica was getting ready to attack me with her whip. I didnt know what was going on but thankfully Jon did, because he came out to stop everything and I am still SAW Womens Champion!



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SAW this Saturday! and Other News [20 Jan 2005|12:54pm]
Saturday January 22 in Swanton Vermont, I will be defending my title in a Submission match!! Im looking forward to that so much because I havent been able to wrestle in a while. Last show I was supposed to, but because of some unfortunte events, my opponent wasnt able to make it.
I also hope that i will be ringside with my man Jon Thornhill that night!

Check it out (www.slamallstarwrestling.com)
You can also see the listing of all the women who are booked for that show, by going to

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Other News~

Keep voting for me on glory. Once a day every day. I hope to see my name up on the chart!!

As some of the Glory girls may know, Ive gone back to doing the Atkins diet. The holidays realllllly did some damage (about 10 lbs,... lol nothing too major) But this year I plan on getting into great shape. So Every week or so Ill post about how thats been going for me.
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LadySports.com! [20 Jan 2005|12:40pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey everyone. I just wanted to thank JOE RULES first for doing his very first article for Ladysports.com on me. He didnt take anything out or add anything in. He did a great job and told my story just the way I told him through our interview. =) I hope everyone can check it out at some point. It will give you a little more background on me if you dont know me too well and want to get to know me.

Go to www.Ladysports.com and scroll down. The article has my lj picture on it so you cant miss which one it is.


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PWF-NE last Friday [20 Jan 2005|12:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This was a good night. I had fun ringside with "Bad Boy" Billy Black. We took home the MayheM heavyweight championship belt! good job Bad Boy!

Kid Mikaze and Jon Thornhill (2 of my FAVORITE indy wrestlers) went at it that night too, with Mikaze taking the win.

The rest of the night was cool. Jay Lethal was there also and him and Blade had a great match.

Im Looking forward for the next 2 PWF shows which will be:

The Road To Genesis - Friday January 28th at 8:00 p.m
Genesis IV - Friday February 11 at 8:00 p.m.

Check out the site for details and venues www.pwfnortheast.com

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Upcoming Shows [06 Jan 2005|03:57pm]

I have a few shows coming up in January and February. Ill update again when those dates get closer but for now, here are the dates:


Friday, January 14- PWF-NE  at the Squared Circle Acadamy in North Providence Rhode Island  (www.pwfnortheast.com)

Saturday, January 22 - SAW in Swanton Vermont (www.slamallstarwrestling.com)


Friday, February 11 - PWF-NE  (dont know where it is yet) (www.pwfnortheast.com)

Saturday, February 19 - SAW in Higate Vermont (www.slamallstarwrestling.com)

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GLORY WRESTLING! [06 Jan 2005|03:52pm]
Hey! Im on the Glory site finally so make sure you vote once a day everyday for me to be on the glory girl top 100 chart!

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End Of The Year Awards [06 Jan 2005|03:42pm]
Hey I just wanted to say that PWF has their own end of the year awards so everyone should go check that out and Vote =)

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Happy New Year! [02 Jan 2005|01:57am]
Last January I made 2 New years resolutions... I wasnt 100% successful with both of them but i managed to keep 1 and temporarily Keep the other.

The successful one was becoming a wrestler and getting my name somewhere other than the place where I trained =)

In this past year I:

* trained from November (03)- September (04) with EOS
* trained with Jerry Lynn during a seminar we had at our building
* became part of MayheM (Pwf-Ne)
* became a wrestler (Pwf-Ne)
* worked in NGW (for one show)
* started wrestling in SAW
* became womens champion in SAW
* was nominated for babe of the year on the NEI best of 2004 awards (that means SOMEONE knows who I am lol)
* made a lot of great friends in the PWF and SAW locker rooms =)

I am looking forward to getting myself in the best shape possible this year and training even harder so that I can get my name out there as much as possible.
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Glory News [28 Dec 2004|01:40pm]
Alexzandra Heiress to get rematch with Amber for SAW Women's Title

December 27, 2004 (10:00am): The following announcement is from The Denim Clad Socialite's OFFICE:

On January 22, 2004, Alexzandra Heiress WILL get her title shot rematch against SAW Women's Champion Amber. Alex pushed and pushed and got what she usually gets, WHAT SHE WANTED! Alex wants her title back and will do everything she can to get it.

But the board in SAW and the owners have decided to put a special stipulation on the match. What will it be? Stay tuned to find out.

From The Office....

Alexzandra Heiress's Website
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Weekend Show Update : Random [20 Dec 2004|02:35pm]


This past Friday (12/17) was the PWF show. It was a great show As Usual. I always have so much fun there.
Some Highlights of the night for me and others:

**Jon Thornhill's Debut match was that night and he was Amazing! (I don't care what you say Jon!) 
* The Womens Match was good too =) 
* I managed Bad Boy Billy Black and Kevin Karizma during the main event. They tagged against the team of Jose Perez and Jason Blade.  We Won!! ha!
*Kyle was there too =) 

Random Stuff : 

I read the NEI forum pretty much every week and Last week I noticed that a fan (yea a fan, not a worker) posted on there talking about How he was really into wrestling but doesnt get out too much to any other promotions other than ypw/sccw... that sucks to be so sheltered... *and no... thats not a stab at those promotions* but wow, to not even KNOW about the really awesome workers all over new england, and the promotions they work for is pretty unfortunate. Well, He was at the PWF show and I just wanted to Post what he wrote before, he went, and after he went because I think its pretty cool. (especially cuz hes a fan of Jon and Riot!):

I have a couple questions (I almost forgot to ask these the first time! lol) I sent these questions to the YPW email btu nobody got back to me so do any of you know? Ive started watchign wrestling in the last two years on tv (WWE) and ive been going to YPW/SCCW shows here and there for awhile. I go to YPW alot more though. And some wrestlers I remember watching arnt around anymore. Nick Steel, and Stallion all arnt there, but most dissapointing are the cruiserweights, Riot was really cool, he did some crazy things and I saw him have his last match and John Thornhill said goodbye to him after his match. Did he quit wrestling? Billy Braxx is gone too! Also confusing is John Thornhill lost the cruiserweight belt to Bloodstone and he waved goodbye on his exit. I went to the show and he wasnt at it! Did he leave too or is he going to be making a comeback? And their was a guy named rue star at the last show, the guy is jacked! i cant belive hes a cruiserweight!

My favorite wrestlers are the Mcgraws, Ryan waters, Kid Pyro, Hilite kid, John Thornhill, Aaron Knight, Moco and bloodstone.

Then other people posted in response to him, and he replied:

Thanks every1! Ill try to check out as many of those feds as i can. I talked to my brother about going to pwf ne & mayhem on friday (i dont have a car yet) and he said hed like to go. riot and john thornhill in the same fed again! they did some really awesome moves i hope they wrestle eachother! I hope becky bayless, amber and mercedes are there too they are cuties evan siks looks like a scary dude too. how much do the shows cost to get into tho i didnt see a price.


Then he went to the show, and had this to say about it:

I went to the pwf-ne/mayhem show on friday and all i have to say is wow...... These guys are very good. It completly blew away all of my expectations. So here are some of my comments on the show
*Thornhill has a new look and style! Hes not doing any of his high flying stuff anymore?!! He reminds me of Kurt Angle now , or Tazz (the smackdown announcer) back when ive seen tapes of him wrestle. in any event john can really wrestle!.... Pat Masters is wicked good too, what a top rope leg drop! Its no wonder why hes the champ! but i think he had his hands full in this match
*Evan siks is a scary guy just like i thought!
*the twins (logans according to this post) are really impressive, where did these guys come from ive never heard of them before!!
*the womans match was brutal! they beat the crap out of eachother! ariel looked like one of those japanese anime dolls with her gear, good match thought!
*The cruiserweight match.....WOW. Seeing Riot back in action was soooooo awesome, he hasnt changed a bit! I love that move he does when he hooks the guy spins around and slams them, and as always he has those "educated feet" lol Also impressive was Mikazi this guy can go! ive never seen him before and i was blown away with what i saw him do. Its too bad Riot didnt win though, theirs always next time though!
* the main event tag match.... i would not want to be on the end of those chops! jason blade is also somebody ive never seen or heard of who blew me away! I feel like ive seen billy black somewhere before though, i know i would remembe better if he had amber with him all the time! doe she wrestle also or is she a manager, it says something about her wrestling on her bio page at the mayhem site. Looks like joze and jason are gona get it on at some point, not too much tag team chemistry there.
I had a great time at the show, i like the titantron, and im looking forward to the next one already!
a new pwf-ne/mayhem fan-

Thats awesome. I think its cool when someone is still a FAN fan like he is. hehe and that last stuff i underlined... hehe i just think its cool that he wrote about me.

I can't wait till the next show... I have a few things coming up in January including my Title Defense(SAW womens championship)  in Swanton Vermont, on january 22nd, and before that, PWF on the 14th =)

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!!!!! End Of The Year Nominations!!!!!!!!!!! [06 Dec 2004|03:13pm]

Hey!  I just wanted to inform everyone about the New England Independent's End of the Year Nominations on the site right now!   You should definately go and VOTE

I'm nominated for "Babe of The Year" (which will end up being titled Miss New England) So if you would all be so great and VOTE for Amber!   (if I'm not your first choice, its ok, you can still vote for me and whoever else you like)

ALSO:  Rookie Of the Year - Jon Thornhill was not nominated (WHY, i have no idea)  So make sure when you get to that catagory you write him in and VOTE ( The same goes for what i said about me, even if hes not your only choice, still vote for him and make another choice LoL)

And Elements of Suicide (EOS)  weren't nominated for best tag team for some reason... VOTE

To Do So, Go to www.nei.vze.com  and click on the BEST OF 2004 Icon

This is really exciting and even if I don't win - just the idea that I was nominated is great! Goodluck to everyone in every catagory!

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Fozzy! [03 Dec 2004|05:58pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well Guys I just found out something EXTREMELY interesting today....


As you all know, Chris Jericho is the lead singer in his band "Fozzy"  My FIRST COUSIN (dads side) Is the LEAD GUITARIST of that band... WOW right on the side of Chris Jericho- my parents have kept in contact with him, and me, not as much as I wouldv'e like to but when I got his e-mail today I was so so SHOCKED!

They've just shot a video for MTV in San Diego I believe recently, are planning on a world tour, AND will be performing on RAW  Monday December 6th! 


MY COUSIN! =D  eeeeee! What are the ODDS!?!?!?!?!?!?  haha wrestling... lol =)

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Sexy Ladies Of Wrestling (S.L.O.W) [01 Dec 2004|04:54pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Well today I got an email from the Slow yahoo group (joe rules) and It was a list of all the slow girls of the week winners from over the months I guess, and I'm scrolling down and I see my name :

Mayhem Girl Amber (10/8/04 - 10/14/04)

I looked for the actual poll too and yea - sure enough I was the Slow girl that week.

Who should be the next S.L.O.W. Girl of the Week?

Choices Votes % 1 reply
Amber 5 45.45%
Bobcat 0 0.00%
Carrie 0 0.00%
Demonica 2 18.18%
Jordyn James 0 0.00%
Jana 1 9.09%
Kayla 0 0.00%
Natalia 0 0.00%
Shayla 1 9.09%
Jenna Tangerine 2 18.18%



I dunno - thats just cool to me because at that time I didnt know anyone knew of me - and to this day it surprises me whenever i find out that someone has heard of me. I guess you dont really realize it when its you lol.  Well thats about all.


Upcoming show: PWF-NE  December 17th at 8 o clock.  www.pwfnortheast.com

My bio pic on the Mayhem site is updated so go check that out too =)

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